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We effectively create software that is tailored to your business objectives
We are a Software House that provides tailor-made products to your needs !
We are characterized by the desire to help companies, improve their processes and create software that will respond to their needs.

with US you will increase the potential of your business and get to know new possibilities opportunities.
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"They approached the project as their own and solved all problems with great commitment."
"They prepared an intuitive website for us very professionally, which allowed us to increase our profits

Our mission

We create products tailored to the needs of every customer. We design software of the highest quality, building relationships based on trust.

We believe that true software development is a process, which is why we work from A to Z. We conduct an audit, together with the client. We prepare the strategy, implement IT tools, and finally - translate business logic into code.

Why are we unique?
We know what software will be the most effective for your business. After the analysis of the industry in which you operate, we will bring your company to the top! We are based on your individual needs and set realistic goals needs and set ourselves realistic goals.

with US nothing is impossible! Many years of experience makes us meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. We operate with passion, creating modern solutions demanding customers.
We operate with passion, creating modern solutions.
What can we offer you?
We create software dedicated to for business - we fully adapt to your expectations and needs. Nothing is impossible for us! Our team consists of the best developers who will help you achieve your goals.
Web Development
We have the necessary competences thanks to which we will guide you through the application implementation process and provide support at every stage of work. We start cooperation in building a website from examining the client's needs. It is important that the website works smoothly and complies with current standards. A well-designed website helps to achieve measurable benefits. Its effectiveness depends on the nature and function it is to fulfill. Every project is incredibly exciting for us!
Mobile Apps
We create and improve mobile applications for Android and iOS. The development of the application is included in a well-planned, comprehensive process whose main goal is to provide the client with a product that meets his business needs. Aesthetics and all functions are discussed with the client on an ongoing basis. We have extensive experience in building mobile applications. We work freely in native technologies. The world of mobile applications has no more secrets for us!
IT strategic consulting
We always provide helpful advice and reliable advice. We rely on many years of experience and acquired knowledge, thanks to which we will help you choose the most effective technology. We will help in IT and business consulting for all types of companies.
Audit of IT projects
If you have projects made by other programmers, don't worry, we can audit them. In this way, we get to know the correctness of the functionality. Know the strengths and weaknesses of your project!
Clients very often use our services to increase the flexibility of their human resources, reduce costs related to the employment of employees and focus on their core business activities. Outsourcing of employees focuses primarily on relieving your company of individual tasks. The most important benefits of outsourcing: lower employment costs, greater IT support, avoiding staffing problems, saving time, certified specialists, lower risk of failure.
The goal of DevOps is to increase the speed and quality of introducing new functionalities to the software by automating processes. Our team of specialists uses automation and monitoring tools to increase the efficiency of processes and provide greater transparency.
Who are we pleased to work with?
We have/had the pleasure of working with companies such as:
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What is the cooperation process like?
According to our approach, when developing software, we must establish and go through a certain cycle. Such a cycle consists of the following steps

Step 1.

Contact us via the contact form or otherwise.


Step 2.

Advisory meeting - we always advise our clients which technologies to choose, where and when to start


Step 3.

Meeting to discuss business logic - to eliminate all kinds of business errors."


Step 4.

Meeting with our UI/UX to discuss the appearance and style of the software.


Step 5.

Getting to know the entire development team.


Step 6.

Starting writing the first lines of code and implementing the project.

Our customer's opinions


High-quality software development: SkillsForge have a team of experienced and skilled developers who are capable of delivering high-quality software that meets the client's requirements.

Marcin Firla


Expertise in specific technologies: SkillsForge often specialize in specific technologies, such as mobile app development, web development, or blockchain development, which allows them to provide expert services in those areas.

Przemek Głośny


Faster development time: SkillsForge have a dedicated team of developers who work together to deliver software quickly, which can help to reduce development time and speed up time-to-market.

Andrzej Ilinski


Cost-effective: SkillsForge often have lower overhead costs compared to in-house development teams, which can help to reduce the overall cost of software development.

Mark Suliga


Scalability: SkillsForge can easily scale up or down their team size depending on the project requirements, which allows them to adapt to changing project needs and handle large projects with ease.

Marcin Wojda

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What range of services do you have?

Our offer includes a wide range of services such as mobile applications, websites, custom development, devops, blockchain, e-commerce services, employee outsourcing, UX/UI design and even IT strategic consulting.

What technologies do you most often use to complete your project?

The main technologies we work on are .NET / React / React-Native, but we also employ programmers specializing in Python / PHP / Java / Vue.js.

How long does the project take?

Do you offer support services during and after project implementation?

What will be the approximate cost of my project?

How long will I wait for the project to start?

Have you completed similar projects?

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